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Embellishing eco friendly Surfboards

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A few years ago I was living in North Devon and exploring the coastline. I found the shear amount of rubbish from the surfing communities both shocking and disheartening. I combined my love of the outdoors and art with the expertise of a like minded local southwest shaper to produce one off wooden plastic free surfboards, bellyboards and handplanes which were both better for the environment and beautiful. They were made from paulownia and cedar which were sustainably sourced from renewable forests. Cuttlebones was born.

So Why the name Cuttlebones?

A Cuttlebone is a cuttlefish bone, and whilst beach combing we have found many along the coastline. They have built in buoyancy, they float and they are even surfboard shaped and for anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing a cuttlefish they are very beautiful. They morph and change colour to camouflage themselves and are an array of different colours.

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